Come vendere

- Take notes in class -
- Pass the exams brilliantly -
- Upload your notes to -
- Put them on sale so that all students can buy them -
- Guadagni e dai la possibilità agli altri studenti di arrivare pronti all'esame -
- And overcome it great -

Choose your best notes, those with which you managed to get a good grade at the exam.
In case they are not in digital version, you can decide whether to rewrite them using a writing program or more simply, to scan them.
REMEMBER: you can scan your material for free at one of our affiliated copy shops.
Once your notes have been converted into digital, you can upload them to your personal profile in a few simple clicks!

Who better than you can decide the value of the material you publish?
Appuntibay leaves complete freedom for authors to decide how much to sell their notes.
The only advice we can give you is to take into account the quality of the material, the grade with which you passed the exam and the type of exam.
Buyers are students like you and have the same needs and problems as you.
Evaluate honestly what you publish and you will see that your choice will be repaid.

Once approved, your material will be available in the AppuntiBay catalog and in this way will have visibility at a national level.
It could happen that your notes are purchased, not only by students who attend your university, but also by those who attend your faculty in another city.
Appuntibay gives you a double chance of earning:

  • -On the Pdf that users can buy online
  • -On paper that users withdraw in copy shop

Your university notes are valuable and can become a useful source of income in your studies. Appuntibay wants to make sure that your commitment is paid.


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